Sordoni Construction

For over 100 years, the Sordoni name has stood for quality, integrity and superior service in the construction industry. Regardless of scope, complexity or size, Sordoni delivers quality projects on time, within budget, and always strives to exceed our clients’ expectations.

We know how to build buildings. So how are we different from other construction companies? Innovation backed up by a century of experience. Open communication, teamwork, diligence and good old-fashioned pride in what we do. Our core values – Trusted partner, community driven, stronger together, true north – are what we live by every day.

For the 8th time!

Construction Services

Regardless of our project engagement, our construction professionals manage quality, safety, schedule and cost using proven practices combined with common sense derived from 100+ years of construction experience.

PreConstruction Services

All projects, large or small, simple or complex, benefit from utilizing our preconstruction services.

Construction Management

We are an advocate for the owner and provide professional management, expertise, and state-of-the-art controls.

Design-Build Services

Our approach emphasizes transparency, communication, and knowledge sharing to deliver to the owner a better, faster, less costly, and less adversarial construction project.

General Contracting

If you already have an architect, drawings, and are ready to build, we’re your construction team to get your project done.


In-house capabilities that ensure your project’s success.

Recent projects

Pascucci Family Health Sciences Pavilion
Tri-County Lumber Truss Plant
Why Sordoni?

Why Sordoni?

bulletTRUSTED PARTNER - We make the complex building process straightforward, friendly and transparent.

bulletCOMMUNITY DRIVEN - We are an integral part of our community and work together to create a sustainable future.

bulletSTRONGER TOGETHER - We inspire, challenge and support each other.

bulletTRUE NORTH - We do the right thing, always. We are open, honest, fair and reliable.

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