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Bear Creek Community Charter School Expansion 2560 1280 Sordoni Construction

Bear Creek Community Charter School Expansion

Sordoni has been selected as the General Contractor for the construction of an approximately 36,000 SF addition to the Bear Creek Community Charter School and renovation to the existing school facility. The project is scheduled to be completed by July of 2023.

Geisinger Dickson City Cancer Center 514 330 Sordoni Construction

Geisinger Dickson City Cancer Center

We are super excited to be the design-builder and partner with Geisinger!

Paying Tribute to our Veterans 2560 1920 Sordoni Construction

Paying Tribute to our Veterans

As a tribute to our veterans on Memorial Day, the Sordoni Volunteer Program (SVP) had American Flags available to purchase for $5 apiece. These 12” flags could be purchased for any veteran, living or deceased. We displayed these flags on our lawn at the corner of Owen & Murray Streets beginning May 26th until June…

United Way’s Day of Caring 2560 1440 Sordoni Construction

United Way’s Day of Caring

Sixteen of our employees will set out this morning to make a difference in our community and participate in the United Way Day of Caring. Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge Forty Fort, Pennsylvania Children’s Service Center Commission on Economic Opportunity (CEO)

Safety Week 2022 1008 756 Sordoni Construction

Safety Week 2022

Safety is and always must remain a top value. Safety Week is the time to fill our safety “gas tanks” to last us the other 51 weeks of the year by giving us tools and new perspectives on safety while also retaining safety fundamentals. Each of us has a duty to ourselves and our coworkers…

Children’s Book Drive 439 406 Sordoni Construction

Children’s Book Drive

Our employees collected new and gently used books for the United Way‘s 2022 Children’s Book Drive because early literacy is important and local kids need books!

Leadership Development Essentials Program Graduates 1280 791 Sordoni Construction

Leadership Development Essentials Program Graduates

Congratulations to Kevin David, Carmen Brutico, Mike Balonis, Frank O’Konski and Rob Obuhosky for completing NEPIRC’s 8-Week Leadership Development Essentials program. They worked hard over the past eight weeks to enhance their leadership skills by taking part in several team building exercises, along with completing assignments and assessments that helped them discover their respective leadership…

US Army Corps of Engineers Training 2560 1920 Sordoni Construction

US Army Corps of Engineers Training

Sixteen members of our operations team recently completed the US Army Corps of Engineers Contractor Quality Management training. When you partner with Sordoni, we strive to deliver your project on time, on budget, and of the highest quality.

Shield Wall Project Complete 2560 1168 Sordoni Construction

Shield Wall Project Complete

Congratulations to our team on the completion of this project! Sordoni installed large, precast concrete shielding wall sections for Holtec International at this power generation plant in Berwick, PA. Our precast supplier, Concrete Safety Systems in Bethel, PA, fabricated forty-five (45), 15 ton, large barrier pieces that our team installed over the course of 3…

Women in Construction – Lauri Derk 1280 800 Sordoni Construction

Women in Construction – Lauri Derk

Meet Lauri Derk, Project Engineer. “I was born into a construction family and my parents started their own GC company in the early 80s. From using blueprints as coloring books to working the reception desk once I was in high school, I learned a lot from my family and everyone in the company. There is…

Women in Construction – Allana Karo 600 375 Sordoni Construction

Women in Construction – Allana Karo

This week help us celebrate the amazing women in construction. Meet Allana Karo, Project Engineer. “At first, I did not intend to stay in Construction, I saw it more as a hobby that could save me money when I owned a house. When it was time for me to pick a career and decide weather…

Sordoni Announces Promotion 504 360 Sordoni Construction

Sordoni Announces Promotion

We are pleased to announce that Noreen Bertinelli has been promoted to Director of Marketing. Ms. Bertinelli joined Sordoni in September of 2006. In her new role, Noreen will be responsible for leading all marketing initiatives, communications and public relations for the organization. “Over the past several years, Sordoni has allowed me to utilize my…

Why Sordoni?

Why Sordoni?

bulletTRUSTED PARTNER - We make the complex building process straightforward, friendly and transparent.

bulletCOMMUNITY DRIVEN - We are an integral part of our community and work together to create a sustainable future.

bulletSTRONGER TOGETHER - We inspire, challenge and support each other.

bulletTRUE NORTH - We do the right thing, always. We are open, honest, fair and reliable.

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