Remembering Stuart Graham

Remembering Stuart Graham

Remembering Stuart Graham 2560 1920 Sordoni Construction
(Pictured is Andrew J. Sordoni, III on the left and Stuart Graham second from the right.)
“Stuart Graham 1946-2022 came to Sordoni Construction Company just prior to the Agnes Flood of 1972 bringing a keen intellect, robust energy and an uncommon aptitude for the construction business. He absorbed the fundamentals of field operations sufficiently to open an office in the Allentown area to expand the company in new markets. Shortly thereafter the flood and its emergency work brought Stu back to Forty Fort where he became a capable executive in the massive cleanup and disaster relief that followed.
Within a few years he was an accomplished, dynamic leader and by 1979, President of Sordoni Construction Company.
With a large backlog of business and a good team to complete the projects, Stu opened an office in New Jersey in the early 1980’s to compete in the World’s most dynamic market, the NYC Metropolitan Area. The following years brought great success to the company which was eventually absorbed into Skanska North America.
By the time of his retirement as Chairman of Skanska International, Stuart Graham had become a worldwide leader in the construction industry and served numerous public companies as an independent director. The officers, directors and employees of Sordoni salute our former colleague, mourn his passing and extend our respect and sympathy to his family.”
~ Andrew J. Sordoni, III – Chairman, Emeritus
Why Sordoni?

Why Sordoni?

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