Making a Commitment to Serve, Strengthen and Improve Our Community

Making a Commitment to Serve, Strengthen and Improve Our Community

Making a Commitment to Serve, Strengthen and Improve Our Community 1920 1001 Sordoni Construction

Kim Fanning  graduated from the Leadership Lackawanna Core Program on June 14th. During this 10-month Program, participants gain leadership, interpersonal and managerial skills, as well as an enhanced understanding of the issues relevant to the Greater Scranton area through monthly sessions. Areas of focus include community development, economic development, government, health care, law, education, quality of life, sustainability, history and media, with sessions featuring widely recognized specialists. Members of the class also devote a large portion of their time to develop and implement community projects, enhancing their leadership abilities, fostering teamwork, and benefiting local nonprofit organizations. Kim’s group, consisting of eight professionals from different industries across the area, were tasked with revitalizing and refurbishing the oldest pavilion at Nay Aug Park, which was constructed in 1897. Since last fall, the Leadership Lackawanna group partnered with a number of community organizations and regional businesses to raise funds and in-kind donations to complete the scope of its project.

Scott Napkora graduated from Leadership Wilkes-Barre’s Class of 2018 on June 7th. Leadership Wilkes-Barre is a community leadership development organization with a mission to seek out future leaders and provide them with the information, skills and training needed to become leaders and active participants in the community. The Core Program is designed for adult professionals to develop leadership skills as well as become more acquainted and involved within their community. Scott’s group, the Healthcare Heroes, turned their focus to the Wilkes-Barre Free Clinic located at 35 S. Franklin St., Wilkes Barre, PA. By hosting a Wilkes-Barre themed Trivia night at Bart & Urby’s, the Healthcare Heroes were able to raise $3,000 to cover the cost of a multitude of things including the refurbishment of the employee offices and patient areas, supplying the clinic with a new EKG machine, translator, and common medical supplies, as well as informational health packets for the patients. The Wilkes-Barre Free Clinic is run solely by the doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who generously volunteer their time. The clinic serves individuals who do not have health insurance, are without homes, have little to no money and are in desperate need of health care, health education and wellness.

Why Sordoni?

Why Sordoni?

bulletTRUSTED PARTNER - We make the complex building process straightforward, friendly and transparent.

bulletCOMMUNITY DRIVEN - We are an integral part of our community and work together to create a sustainable future.

bulletSTRONGER TOGETHER - We inspire, challenge and support each other.

bulletTRUE NORTH - We do the right thing, always. We are open, honest, fair and reliable.

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COVID-19 Response Services

Now, more than ever, we’re relying on one another to mitigate this crisis. The Sordoni team is ready to mobilize to help our community maintain life-sustaining, critical operations during the COVID-19 response.

If you are in need of emergency healthcare construction services we are here to help.

We are stronger together!