Wayne Memorial Hospital Addition & Renovation

Honesdale, PA

Healthcare Construction

Sordoni was the Construction Manager at Risk for a new patient tower at Wayne Memorial Hospital.  The 70,000 SF addition provided  50 state-of-the-art, patient-centered private rooms with a full shell floor for future expansion on a very constricted and challenging site.    The project also consisted of parking below the new addition, linked structures, various interior hospital renovations, and site improvements, which were completed in multiple phases.

Renovations included chemotherapy and wound care clinics, pre-admission testing area, cafeteria, pneumatic tube system, and window and façade replacement.

The new construction included two new med/surgical patient floors, new lobby with patient registration, waiting and gift shop, enhanced circulation, connecting bridges and Phase II recovery.  The new patient floors were designed to maximize daylighting, reduce sound and ensure patient safety.

Sordoni worked closely with WMH staff to plan and coordinate all construction activities around the occupied facility. Understanding the critical nature of logistics planning, our construction team ensured WMH had the ability to keep incoming and outgoing vehicular and pedestrian traffic flowing safely during construction.   Construction sequencing and scheduling also enabled the hospital to maintain efficient and critical operations.

Why Sordoni?

Why Sordoni?

bulletTRUSTED PARTNER - We make the complex building process straightforward, friendly and transparent.

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bulletSTRONGER TOGETHER - We inspire, challenge and support each other.

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