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Sordoni 2020

Sordoni 2020 1260 940 Sordoni Construction

A Message from Bill Sordoni… Back in September, we told you about our engagement with FMI and our campaign focus of operational excellence. A lot has happened since that time – our long-time VP of Estimating, Dino Galli, retired, we brought on a new Chief Operating Officer & Corporate Counsel, Todd Rothermel, and we launched…

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Beverly Chorey, 45 Years of Dedication

Beverly Chorey, 45 Years of Dedication 768 588 Sordoni Construction

Meet Beverly Chorey In June, Beverly will celebrate forty-five years with Sordoni. She began her career here while she was a senior at West Side Area Vocational Technical School. She was hired through the Co-Op Education Program. After graduation, she began working full time beginning in the Data Processing Department and later was transferred to…

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Retiring with Class

Retiring with Class 291 300 Sordoni Construction

One of the great pleasures of my time at Sordoni has been getting to know and work with Dino Galli. During his distinguished career spanning more than 38 years with Sordoni, he has been involved in over 1,000 projects that extend across a large diversity of industries, building types and geographies. Early on in his…

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GIVING BACK 1000 667 Sordoni Construction

In the last quarter of 2017, employees donated $320 to the Children’s Service Center.  This donation was fully funded by the employees through participation in our “Dress Down Days” events. Employees are allowed to wear jeans to work on the last Friday of the month in exchange for a $5 donation. The collection from the first quarter of…

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Mike Balonis, Superintendent

Mike Balonis, Superintendent 226 250 Sordoni Construction

Meet Mike Balonis Mike Balonis joined Sordoni in 1998 and just recently celebrated 20 years with the company. Originally hired by Senate Construction, (Sordoni’s sister company), he was brought on board as a field superintendent when Senate Construction closed its doors. Mike aims to be the first person on the job site each morning and…

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Constructing Our Future

Constructing Our Future 240 210 Sordoni Construction

Disruption [dis-rəp-shən] – a radical change in an industry, business strategy, etc., especially involving the introduction of a new product or service. There has been a lot of talk in recent years about disruptive services and technologies that are intended to break the stagnant productivity trend in the construction industry.  Could we be on the…

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A Time to Say Thank You

A Time to Say Thank You 1920 1280 Sordoni Construction

Helping Our Veterans Our Annual Family Picnic was held on July 21st and this year we decided to honor our Veterans. We reached out to the Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center and learned about their desperate need for specific hygiene items. We asked all the employees attending the picnic to bring in one or two items from the…

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Justin Heffner, Safety Director

Justin Heffner, Safety Director 491 537 Sordoni Construction

Justin Heffner joined Sordoni back in 2008 and celebrated his 10 year anniversary on August 18th. He is focused on ensuring a safe work environment by enforcing safety regulations and policies not only at our job sites but in the office as well. A typical work day for Justin begins with arriving in the office each morning between…

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COAA – Learn and Engage

COAA – Learn and Engage 688 230 Sordoni Construction

This past May, two members of the Sordoni Team had the opportunity to attend the 2018 Construction Owners Association of America’s (COAA) Owners Leadership Conference in Pittsburgh. COAA’s stated mission is to promote facility Owner leadership and continuous improvement in the planning, design, and construction process through education, collaboration and information exchange. Our Sordoni team members…

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Sordoni Volunteer Program

Sordoni Volunteer Program 500 333 Sordoni Construction

It has been a busy first quarter for the Sordoni Volunteer Program (SVP). The proceeds from our first quarter Dress Down Days were donated to the St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen. A total of $345 was raised through employee participation. The donations from April, May, and June will be earmarked for the Luzerne County SPCA. Keystone Mission…

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Why Sordoni?

Why Sordoni?

bulletTRUSTED PARTNER - We make the complex building process straightforward, friendly and transparent.

bulletCOMMUNITY DRIVEN - We are an integral part of our community and work together to create a sustainable future.

bulletSTRONGER TOGETHER - We inspire, challenge and support each other.

bulletTRUE NORTH - We do the right thing, always. We are open, honest, fair and reliable.

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